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Vegetable Peeler GiftTupperware Vegetable Peeler

• This popular Peeler has an extremely sharp blade to peel vegetables and fruit!
• Handy potato eye remover on one corner.
• The blade is not covered by the Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee.
• 5 cm blade, 8 cm handle, 11 cm long.


Serving Platter GiftTupperware Serving Platter

• This stylish platter has raised edges to prevent items from sliding off.
• This tupperware special is Perfect for entertaining and can be used as a tray or platter.
• 39 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm high.


PotatoSmart 5,5 L GiftTupperware PotatoSmart 5,5 L

• Your potatoes stay fresher for longer, won’t go green or soft and will keep their taste and texture when stored inside a cupboard.
• The easy open seal cap has holes that ensure the right amount of air circulation inside the container.
• Several containers can stack on top of each other.


Drinking Bottle Set GiftOn-the-Go Drinking Bottle Set

• These aren’t only reusable but have a liquid-tight cap and are eco-friendly too.
• Tested, trusted and proven to be used for a lifetime.
• Only the best material for safe handling of drinking water is used.


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